What DE&I means to Pathrise

“Everyone should have a chance, no matter which school they attended, what area they’re from or how much money they have.”

What we mean by diversity, equity and inclusion

Diverse groups of job seekers are our core users.

Equity of career guidance is a core tenant of our mission.

Inclusive design is a big part of our core methodology.

Some context

Transparency is important

What did we do to foster more diversity?

Firstly, even just the action of making DE&I a priority led us to more intentionality and improvement.

Secondly, we wanted to increase representation at the top of the funnel.

Thirdly, we used consistent rubrics to eliminate unconscious bias in evaluation.

Lastly, we revamped our group of interviewers.

What were the results?

Other notable results

Some members of the Pathrise team enjoying remote work.

Where we want to go

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CEO of Pathrise | YC W18 | Forbes 30 U 30

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Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu

CEO of Pathrise | YC W18 | Forbes 30 U 30

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